Ukraine and British children learnt about shadow puppetry

Fetch theatre group from Leominster brought their shadow puppet show to Ross last week. There were 3 morning sessions where Ukraine and British children learnt about shadow puppetry, made animal puppets and produced a show on the final session for family, friends and supporters of the refugee group. The production was a Ukrainian folk tale called The Feathered dress. All who took part did amazingly well. This was the finale of the show. Fetch Theatre received an integration grant from Herefordshire council for these productions and was supporeted by Ross Refugee Group.

Visit to Houses of Parliament

On July 20th we had a very early start, leaving Ross at 7.30am for a day trip to London. We had arranged to have a tour of Houses of Parliament for 20 people. Then had a few hours in London for sightseeing and back on the coach at 4pm for the journey home. Although a long, tiring day it was very successful, everyone enjoyed it, particularly learning about the work of Parliament. We provided packed lunches prepared by Caroline Bennett which were very much enjoyed and appreciated.

Ukrainian Guests Embrace Robbie Burns

Burns Night in Ross was celebrated in style by the Ross Refugee Group who meet each Wednesday evening at the Ross Baptist Church. As part of the aim to share our traditions with our visitors, a traditional Burns Night was organised. The evening started with an explanation of what this celebration was all about, this then continued with a rendition of ‘Flower of Scotland’. Everyone enjoyed some Scottish dancing, haggis, tatties and neeps (accompanied by Burns famous poem) and a small shot of whiskey. The evening was topped off by singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’. Special thanks to all the volunteers who help make these weekly meetings possible. If you would like to know more about this group, please contact:

Merry Christmas to all our Ukrainian Guests and Hosts Різдвом Христовим усіх наших українських гостей і господарів

Наш різдвяний вечір сподобався всім. Гра в дурні ігри призвела до багато веселощів і сміху, і нас відвідали мер і Дід ​​Мороз.

Our Christmas party was enjoyed by all. Playing silly games led to lots of fun and laughter, and we had a visit from the mayor and Father Christmas.

Ми хочемо побажати всім нашим українським гостям, нашим господарям і чудовим помічникам-волонтерам спокійно провести час у святковий період і з нетерпінням чекаємо зустрічі з вами в новому році.

We would like to wish all our Ukrainian guests, our hosts and wonderful volunteer helpers a peaceful time over the festive period, and look forward to seeing you all in the new year.