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Hosting – Homes for Ukraine
On Arrival
Money and support
Education and ChildCare
Doctors and Health
Local Information
Other Support Groups

Hosting – Homes For Ukraine

Homes For Ukraine – FAQ (Gov.UK)
Considering Hosting ?
Sponsor Guidance (Gov.UK)
Applying for Visa (Gov.UK)
talkcommunity (Hereford Council)
Safe Refuge (Vita Network)
Host Welcome Pack (Vita Network)
Host Welcome Pack (Ukrainian Ver.)

On Arrival in the UK

After Matching – What To Do
First Week in the UK (Gov.UK)
Help For Ukrainian Nationals (Red Cross)

Guide for Ukrainians arriving in the UK (English)
Путівник для українців, які прибувають до Великої Британії (Ukrainian)
Путеводитель для украинцев, прибывающих в Великобританию (Russian)

Money and support

On Arrival

At the moment there is £50 available from the Red Cross to any refugees who apply withinin the first 14 days of their arrival in the UK. To apply they or their sponsor need to ring this number 08081963651 and they will be asked a few details ( name date of birth and email address)

Herefordshire council will provide each guest registered in the scheme with £200 which does not need to be paid back. Contact once you have an arrival date for your guests and Herefordshire will email you a QR code which you take to the Post Office, along with passports, where this will be scanned and guests will be given £200 each.

Regular Income

Guests will need to open a UK bank account to receive money (‘benefits’) from the government. There are a number of banks with offices in Ross-On-Wye; Including: Santander (Ukrainian help page), LLoyds and HSBC. There are also online-only providers which you can use.

Benefits are monthly payments from the state to support you with living costs, such as travel and food. Ukrainian guests can access Universal Credit, a benefit, as soon as they arrive in the UK.

Everyone over the age of 16 has a National Insurance number and Ukrainian guests will need one if you are planning to work.

Education and Childcare

How do families arriving from Ukraine apply for a school place and childcare? / Як родинам, що приїжджають з України, подавати заяви на отримання місць у школі та допомоги з оплати послуг з догляду за дитиною?

Doctors & Health

NHS Access (Gov.UK)
All Ukrainians arriving in England will be able to access NHS healthcare free of charge, including GP and nurse consultations, hospital services, and urgent care centres.

Soon after individuals and their families arrive in our area from Ukraine, they should register with a Doctor at a GP (General Practitioner) practice. When you register with a GP, you will be given an NHS number. In Ross-on-Wye this can be done at :
Pendeen Surgery or Alton Street Surgery

How the NHS works: a guide for migrants (English)
Як працює Національна служба здоров’я (НСЗ): посібник для мігрантів (Ukrainian)
Как работает Национальная служба здравоохранения (NHS): памятка для мигрантов (Russian)

Emotional Support
Help For Ukrainian Nationals (Red Cross)
Ресурси покращення добробуту українською мовою (Red Cross)

Churches/церкви in Ross-On-Wye

St Marys Parish (Church of England)
Ross Baptist Church
St France of Rome (Roman Catholic)

Christchurch (Methodist), Eddie Cross Street.
Christian Life Centre (non-denominational)  community centre, Walford Avenue.
Forest of Dean community Church, Henry Street.

Local Information

Ross Tourism Association
Town Map / карта міста (Ross-On-Wye)

Local Activities

Local Walks
Events in Ross-0n-Wye

Ross Swimming Pool & Gym – part of Hereforshire Halo Centres are giving 3 months free membership.  Take passports to local gym to apply.

Local Clubs and Societies

(Watch this Space – any invitations please make contact)

Other Support Groups

Katie Craft Warehouse
Hereford Help for Ukraine