Considering Hosting ??

Becoming a host for a refugee family is a great opportunity to provide practical help to people who through no fault of their own are thrown into difficult circumstances in their home country. It enables the host to make a real difference in people’s lives and at the same time provide them with the opportunity to discover new cultures, cuisines, customs and daily routines.

Being a host brings a degree of responsibility for your guest(s) as you are effectively their bridge to their new environment. The host is there to assist their guest with practical help to settle in and to help their guest establish the first steps in the process to living on their own in the UK.

It is not a responsibility to be undertaken lightly as it will make some demands on the host. There are significant benefits to being a host not least in learning more about your own environment and how some agencies work in the UK that you may not have encountered before and as your guests gain in knowledge and confidence you can share in their successes.

It is a fantastic opportunity to build new friendships with other hosts in addition to your guests and a privilege to be able to lend a helping hand to people who really need it.

It may not be for everybody and personal circumstances may dictate that you are unable to offer to host. There are numerous other ways to help out and all support is welcomed.

What sort of room/accommodation is required?

The most important thing is that you’re able to provide at least 6 months of stable accommodation. This can be anything from an empty room to an unoccupied home, as long as it’s safe, heated and free from health hazards, and gives your guests adequate access to bathroom and kitchen facilities. Frequently Asked Questions (Gov.UK)